Why I Will No Longer be a 1-2-1 Personal Trainer

Woman in the gym tying her shoe laces

This news may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but it’s true

As of April 1st I will no longer be a Freelance personal trainer

As much as I love personal training there are a few reasons why I decided to stop, before I explain what I’m going to be doing from now on I’ll quickly explain why I decided to stop training clients 1-2-1

Client cancellations

Client cancellations were one of the main reasons I started looking for a new way to coach my clients

The week before I made my decision to stop, I’d had 7 cancellations in a row!

Every week on average 20% of my clients would cancel. Some within my 24hr cancellation period, most not

My first year of business I lost around 6k to cancellations

I also found that people were a lot more likely to cancel on their pt as they were to cancel on their dentist, friends or other appointments

So for me to structurally save for my mortgage or for a holiday was hard because I little to no clue how much I’d be making in a week

If there was a cold going around or it was school half term I’d usually lose around 50% of my clients. They were either too ill too train or they simply couldn’t fit a session in around their hectic schedules

Which I completely understand, I just needed a way that clients could still train under my supervision without me physically being there with them

I can’t support clients as well

A perfect example of this was last Saturday. I had a session with my really nice client Jess. Because of her busy work schedule we find it hard to find her a slot that we can both make.

Due to this Jess couldn’t see me for a session one week, this of course meant that I couldn’t catch up with Jess in two whole weeks

While Jess and I were warming up on the Crosstrainer, I asked Jess how her training plan was going. She replied;

“Rubbish. I haven’t filled in a single day on myFitnessPal and I’ve eaten crap ,because I’ve been so busy I haven’t found time to pack my lunch. Oh. And I haven’t trained once”

So this unfortunately meant that Jess had fallen back slightly

The problem was that I didn’t really have much clue what she was up to for those two whole weeks

I needed a better way of knowing what my clients were eating, how their training was going and how their body was adapting

Instead of an hour once every 1-2 weeks, I needed a way to track my clients much more closely

Clients can only train when I’m available

I mentioned this briefly before but if I’m not available, my clients can’t train

Some clients can only train Sundays. My day off

Some can only train evenings. I’m either at Bootcamp or working on clients plans from my laptop

Some can only train a few specific slots a week. For example I only have 1 x 8 am Monday slot. So If someone else has already grabbed it, they can’t see me that week

I needed to find a way that my clients have the ability to train whenever they want

This is where Online coaching steps in.

Online coaching allows my clients to train whenever they like.

Now ALL of my clients can train at 8am Monday if they want!

Why I decided to become a full-time online coach

The main reason for me working full-time online is simply because I can help much more people much more effectively

It’s also much more affordable

Personal trainers are expensive! They need to be. You’re paying for an hour of their time, their rents fees, travel costs and insurance

My online clients are paying for my time and the pennys it costs me to run my laptop

Technology has advanced beautifully to allow EVERYBODY to be able to afford a personal trainer

To be trained by myself 1-2-1 would cost my clients at least £120 a month. Some were paying £360. I’m actually bringing out a package in a few weeks that will cost £32 a month! That’s the equivalent to one 1-2-1 session with a trainer!

Here are a few benefits my online clients will recieve;

  1. Unlimited support
  2. Flexibility to train whenever they want
  3. A new training app with calorie counter
  4. Customised workout plans with video demonstrations
  5. Free recipes
  6. The Primal transformation guide
  7. Weekly checkins
  8. Daily results tracking
Click Here to Start your Journey

I want to make it clear that I’m not blaming clients for cancelling, I was ill various times over my career as a Pt. I forgot sessions or double booked. Turned up late or cancelled last minute.

I also want to say that investing in a 1-2-1 personal trainer is 100% not a waste of money. It is expensive sure, but investing in your health should be a priority.

Just like every product or service in the world online coaching isn’t for everybody, but as a means of me serving my clients – it’s just better!

Thanks for taking the time to read

Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions about my Online coaching or if you have any general fitness questions


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Why I’ve Started Getting up at 5:30 am and the Noticed Benefits

Stop Looking for Quick Fixes

The Kitchen Roll Workout


Sounds a bit odd huh

But the kitchen roll workout is not only a great procrastination tool, but it’s also a time saver, a challenge and a great way to get you in shape

What is it?

The kitchen roll workout is something that I created while procrastinating early one Sunday morning. I was having a lazy morning on the sofa and really wasn’t in the mood to train

I had a family event in just over an hour and couldn’t really be bothered to faff about driving through Chichester traffic, trying to park my over-sized pickup in my gyms carpark and train

So I decided to pick four exercises that were personalised to my goals and perform 5-10 sets of each exercise with 45 seconds rest. All from home.

I grabbed a piece of kitchen roll to simply count my sets. Tearing a small rip with every set I’d performed

Simply huh?

The beauty is that I didn’t even need to leave my living room. I had “Wallis and Gromit – A matter of loaf and death” on (I’d highly recommend watching) and a coffee pot on the go

Personalised Your Workout 


The only equipment I had was a pull-up bar and my own bodyweight, so I performed;

10 sets of 10 – Pull-ups

10 sets of 15 – Lunges (with my back foot on the sofa)

10 sets of 10 – Slow-motion Pressups

10 sets of 10 – Jackknives

For this session, I wanted to work the biggest muscle groups in my body to get the most out of a short workout

But of course, you can personalise the exercises to suit your goals

Say you want to work out your legs more you can pick a lunge or squat variation. Maybe you want to focus more on your upper body and your triceps by performing dips and press ups. Maybe you just a super intense ab workout by only picking four ab exercises!

The Rules 


  1. Aim for at least five sets of each exercise with a max of 10
  2. Rest for no longer than 45 seconds (make sure you have a timer on hand)
  3. Count all your sets by ripping a small incision down the kitchen roll (this stops you miscounting)
  4. Don’t get distracted by any chores or anything that needs doing around the house

I’d also suggest you don’t sit down on the sofa between sets. Getting up once to train is hard enough for some so don’t attempt to do this fifty times!

Have a tall glass of water nearby and keep sipping during the workout instead

Why it works 


The kitchen roll workout is so effective for a few reasons;

1. You can really master an exercise

Form comes before anything else. Forget the tempo, the reps, the resistance. Good form always comes first!

By performing 10 sets of one exercise you can really hone in on the technique which will get you better results as well as making sure the right muscles are working

Good form is something I will nag about until I’m blue in the face. That’s why I include detailed instructional videos in all of my online client’s plans


1 (1)

2. It’s so simple

It’s a lot easier to train if you only have to think about doing four things. Not ten different exercises with ten different pieces of equipment.

There’s no queuing for equipment or any travelling to and from your gym

You can make your living room into your own personal gym with your own music or choice of TV channel!

3. It’s easier to get motivated

Lack of motivation is the biggest killer of results

If you lack motivation to train I’d really recommend giving the Kitchen Roll workout a go!

I don’t care who you are, what athletic background you have or how fit you currently are

NO MATTER WHAT you will get days when you lack motivation

It happens to us all! Your favourite sportsman or woman will have days like this. I have days like this. YOU will have days like this!

I think newbies to exercise don’t quite realise this

The people who get consistent results push through their motivation barrier and train no matter how they’re feeling

So give the Kitchen Roll workout a go next time you’re feeling un-motivated or you’re short on time

For a personalised exercise plan and ongoing support check my out my Online Coaching package. Complete with my own Recipes and the Primal eBook

Thanks for taking the time to read

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Why I’ve Started Waking up at 5:30 am Everyday and the Noticed Benefits

If you’ve ever read any entrepreneur’s or famous sportsman’s autobiography they will most likely mention that they’re up SUPER early every day

I’ve read and watched videos about successful peoples habits and getting up early is ALWAYS mentioned – (so is exercising actually)

This has always fascinated me

So I set myself a challenge to wake up at 5:30 am every day for a month

Before I tell you what I experienced through my month I want to quickly list 5 benefits I’d read about before starting;

5 Benefits of Waking Up Early


  1. Improved productivity for the whole day
  2. Less stress and rushing
  3. Increased fitness consistency
  4. Quiet time – the rest of the worlds still asleep
  5. High motivation levels when you first wake up

3 Things I Experienced Waking Up at 5:30 am Every day

1. I was SO much more productive! 

This was the biggest one for me. 

I’m a super motivated person. The list of things I want to achieve in my life is about as long as my arm and each one is more challenging than the next

For me to progress and develop I need to study, A LOT!

So when my horrible alarm went off at 5:30 am (I don’t know why I picked birds tweeting as my alarm tone?!) I climbed inside my huge fluffy dressing gown, threw the hood up over my head and hopped inside my Storm Trooper slippers (they also make laser sounds when you press a button) – I’d wander upstairs and press the single shot button on my coffee machine. 

From here I’d shuffle (It’s hard to walk in over-sized Storm trooper slippers) to the sofa, open my book and study. I wasn’t ready to face the world, but I could easily sit in the darkness and read. 

I was able to get at least an hours study every morning by doing this. This meant that over the month I’d studied for an additional 30 hours extra! That’s amazing! 

Now you might not be studying (even though I strongly recommend you start) but you can use this extra hour you’ve gained to do something else.

If you’ve got children this is the perfect time to get chores done before they’re even awake. Now when you’ve finished the school-run and you’re tired after a long day, you can actually spend some decent time with your loved ones (or just hide from them with a cup of tea in bed) 



2. I loved the Morning Quiet Time

I live right next to a busy road in Chichester, so I hear a lot of traffic during the day. At 5:30 am everything is so beautifully still and quiet

It’s genuinely so nice to sit there in my sleepy state with my hood barely showing my face just sipping my coffee and reading

I quickly realised that I not only loved it, but I didn’t want the world to start waking up. I wanted to hold onto that silence for as long as possible

One of the things I found most interesting about my challenge was that some days I didn’t feel I was up early enough!

I started thinking about getting up even earlier about a week in. I didn’t and I haven’t yet but it’s on my mind. As an online coach, I preach to my clients about getting a good nights sleep, so I’m mindful about not getting enough Zzzs

(Read next8 Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep)

3. Every Single Morning I Considered Snoozing!

I found this really interesting as well. My last two points have very clearly demonstrated that I enjoyed getting up early and instantly noticed the benefits

But EVERYDAY my subconscious brain would try and coax me to stay in bed

Your subconscious brain is constantly trying to “protect you”. This is why it’s so hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym or apply for that promotion

Your brain will try and avoid anything awkward or uncomfortable

To grow and develop you have to actively look for situations that make you feel uncomfortable

I’m currently reading “The 4 hour work week” and the author Timothy Ferriss quotes something that really stuck with me

“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.”

Getting up at 5:30 am or even earlier is an uncomfortable feeling, even more so when you can have an extra hour in bed

So by me ignoring my internal voices to stay in bed kick-started my productivity. I’d count to 5 then fling myself out of bed. It’s now 5:30 and I’ve already overcome a mini obstacle.

Productivity is contagious and it grows the more you feed it

Now relate that to exercise. You know that whiny little voice that bleats away at you when it’s time to put your running shoes on? That’s the same voice that pleads you to stay nice and warm in your cosy bed

Teach yourself to tell your inside thoughts to pipe down. Use this simple technique of getting up early to snowball your productivity and start making yourself feel uncomfortable!

How You Can Start Getting Up Early

This is pretty easy.

Set your alarm and leave it away from your bed. This causes you to get out of bed which in turn reduces the chances of you wriggling back in

Sure it’s really not full proof, but it does help

I’d recommend setting your alarm for somewhere between 6 – 6:30 am to start. Then every two weeks aim to knock off 15 minutes

Repeat this until you find your early “sweet spot”, you may even discover 5:30 just isn’t early enough!

One Last Thing

Studies have shown that you’re far more likely to stick to an exercise plan if you train in the morning

1 (1)

Mornings are where our motivation levels are at our highest

We’re fresh, we’re alert, it just makes sense that we have more Ummpf to get shit done

Use this to your advantage! I don’t like training in the evenings (especially in a cold English winter!) so try to workout before midday. Get it over and done with and bask in the accomplishment and endorphins for the rest of the day

You can do this!

Thank’s for taking the time to read


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Stop looking for quick fixes

Stop Looking for Quick Fixes

As humans, we love things that make our live’s easier.
I mean, how cool is it that with an app you can have an Uber with you in 3 minutes?
Or Amazon Prime? Amazon can now have packages to you the SAME DAY you order them!
That’s nuts. I remember as a kid ordering DVDs and sometimes having to wait for over a week!
Also, think of the medical world. In certain situations, you can pop a pill in your mouth and all the pain will magically all go away.
Unfortunately, quick fixes don’t apply to fat loss or your overall health 
There are no quick fixes
Which can be a bitter pill to swallow
As much as the supplement companies will try and tell you there are no magic pills that will help you to lose weight
These supplement companies literally prey on people who are confused, desperate and therefore vulnerable
Dietary supplements are a $37 billion-a-year business in the U.S!! That’s staggering!
I’m afraid you can’t just pop a pill in your mouth or drink a special juice and expect to watch the fat magically melt off
Fat loss takes consistency, patience and willpower. Not a pill. Not a “Skinny coffee”. And definitely not a juice claiming to double your metabolism!
To lose weight you only need to do one thing;
Burn more energy than you eat in a day.
(You can learn more about losing weight in my post How to get fat and how not to!)
Which is genuinely really simple, it’s just pretty hard work sometimes!
Which people aren’t fans of.
There is no alternative to hard work. If you really want to get in great shape you have to exercise and you have to eat sensibly
You can’t ignore both of these aspects and solve it with an expensive pill
There are also no shortcuts when it comes to training
Those 7-minute workout DVDs ex-Hollyoaks stars bring out are a con
You’ll see a before photo of them on a beach looking all jiggly and then a super edited after photo of them with a 6 pack.
The super strict diet that got them those results they don’t show you! Because that won’t sell. A simple solution to your fat loss problems will sell. Like a 7 minute workout;
“Amazing! So I can eat whatever I want, workout for 7 mins a few times a week and get a 6 pack!”
It’s a con.
1 (1)
Getting in amazing shape and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as “sexy” as these money making brands want you to think. They’re almost keeping you at arms-length from the truth so you can continue being confused and they can continue making billions every year.
I’m going to show you the very basics you need to get lean.
It doesn’t matter who you are, what your body type is and how slow you think your metabolism is.
These guidelines work and every fitness plan in the world will incorporate some variation of these rules
So listen up, don’t waste any more money and decide if you’re actually prepared to work hard to get the results you want
Because if you do, this is all you need to know:


Ben’s 5 sexy rules for getting lean

1. Drink 2L of fat loss juice every day (also known as water)
2. Eat 5 vegetables a day
3. Eat 3 meals a day and have protein with every meal
4. Perform resistance training 3 x a week for 45 minutes
5. Only eat raw vegetables in between meals
If you’re reading that and curling your nose up, I’m afraid there’s no way around it.
That’s what it takes to get the results you’re looking for
Hard work and consistency!
Thank you for taking the time to read my (slightly ranty) post
My new sites literally just gone live, so please have a little look around and message me with any feedback (:
Ben Banbury, The Primal Coach
Certified OTA Online Trainer

Tomato, Mushroom, And Mozzarella Pizza

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4

  • 500g of frozen pizza dough, thawed
  • Flour for work surface
  • 200g of seeded and chopped plum tomatoes
  • 75g of thinly sliced mushrooms
  • 120g of black olive halves
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper for seasoning
  • 150g of shredded smoked mozzarella
  1. Assemble the oven racks in the lower and upper thirds of the oven. Heat the oven to 220C
  2. Roll out the dough over a well-floured surface to create two 12-inch squares or rounds. Move to two ungreased baking sheets.
  3. Top the dough with the tomatoes, olives, and mushrooms. Drizzle with the oil and season with half teaspoons of salt and a quarter teaspoon of pepper.
  4. Bake the pizzas for ten minutes and remove from oven.
  5. Top the pizzas with the mozzarella. Take it back to the oven and bake for three to five minutes or until the cheese is dissolved and the edges of the pies are lightly browned.
Nutritional Information: Per Serving

Calories – 605

Total Fat – 24g

Total Carbohydrates – 74g

Protein – 23g


14-Day Fat Loss Challenge

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