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This news may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but it’s true

As of April 1st I will no longer be a Freelance personal trainer

As much as I love personal training there are a few reasons why I decided to stop, before I explain what I’m going to be doing from now on I’ll quickly explain why I decided to stop training clients 1-2-1

Client cancellations

Client cancellations were one of the main reasons I started looking for a new way to coach my clients

The week before I made my decision to stop, I’d had 7 cancellations in a row!

Every week on average 20% of my clients would cancel. Some within my 24hr cancellation period, most not

My first year of business I lost around 6k to cancellations

I also found that people were a lot more likely to cancel on their pt as they were to cancel on their dentist, friends or other appointments

So for me to structurally save for my mortgage or for a holiday was hard because I little to no clue how much I’d be making in a week

If there was a cold going around or it was school half term I’d usually lose around 50% of my clients. They were either too ill too train or they simply couldn’t fit a session in around their hectic schedules

Which I completely understand, I just needed a way that clients could still train under my supervision without me physically being there with them

I can’t support clients as well

A perfect example of this was last Saturday. I had a session with my really nice client Jess. Because of her busy work schedule we find it hard to find her a slot that we can both make.

Due to this Jess couldn’t see me for a session one week, this of course meant that I couldn’t catch up with Jess in two whole weeks

While Jess and I were warming up on the Crosstrainer, I asked Jess how her training plan was going. She replied;

“Rubbish. I haven’t filled in a single day on myFitnessPal and I’ve eaten crap ,because I’ve been so busy I haven’t found time to pack my lunch. Oh. And I haven’t trained once”

So this unfortunately meant that Jess had fallen back slightly

The problem was that I didn’t really have much clue what she was up to for those two whole weeks

I needed a better way of knowing what my clients were eating, how their training was going and how their body was adapting

Instead of an hour once every 1-2 weeks, I needed a way to track my clients much more closely

Clients can only train when I’m available

I mentioned this briefly before but if I’m not available, my clients can’t train

Some clients can only train Sundays. My day off

Some can only train evenings. I’m either at Bootcamp or working on clients plans from my laptop

Some can only train a few specific slots a week. For example I only have 1 x 8 am Monday slot. So If someone else has already grabbed it, they can’t see me that week

I needed to find a way that my clients have the ability to train whenever they want

This is where Online coaching steps in.

Online coaching allows my clients to train whenever they like.

Now ALL of my clients can train at 8am Monday if they want!

Why I decided to become a full-time online coach

The main reason for me working full-time online is simply because I can help much more people much more effectively

It’s also much more affordable

Personal trainers are expensive! They need to be. You’re paying for an hour of their time, their rents fees, travel costs and insurance

My online clients are paying for my time and the pennys it costs me to run my laptop

Technology has advanced beautifully to allow EVERYBODY to be able to afford a personal trainer

To be trained by myself 1-2-1 would cost my clients at least £120 a month. Some were paying £360. I’m actually bringing out a package in a few weeks that will cost £32 a month! That’s the equivalent to one 1-2-1 session with a trainer!

Here are a few benefits my online clients will recieve;

  1. Unlimited support
  2. Flexibility to train whenever they want
  3. A new training app with calorie counter
  4. Customised workout plans with video demonstrations
  5. Free recipes
  6. The Primal transformation guide
  7. Weekly checkins
  8. Daily results tracking
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I want to make it clear that I’m not blaming clients for cancelling, I was ill various times over my career as a Pt. I forgot sessions or double booked. Turned up late or cancelled last minute.

I also want to say that investing in a 1-2-1 personal trainer is 100% not a waste of money. It is expensive sure, but investing in your health should be a priority.

Just like every product or service in the world online coaching isn’t for everybody, but as a means of me serving my clients – it’s just better!

Thanks for taking the time to read

Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions about my Online coaching or if you have any general fitness questions


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