Why Are Some People Lean No Matter What They Eat

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We all know someone that stays slim all year round no matter what they do or eat

They’re a bit like those people who never study for exams but always find a way to get an A

And let’s be honest, those people are annoying! They suck.

But why can some people eat what they want, pay zero attention to diet and exercise and always stay lean?

I bet a lot of you are saying “metabolism” under your breath while reading this, but metabolism hasn’t actually got a great deal to do with it

I’ve sat down and thought of three reasons why some people are lean no matter what. If you’re looking to lose weight, I want you to think if you can apply these reasons to your day-to-day life

1. Body Type

I’ve mentioned this briefly before. There are 3 types of body type;


Each of these body types are designed to look a certain way

A great example is Mo Farrah

He’s very obviously an Ectomorph – he’s got thin wrists, ankles, shoulders and his bodies very obviously designed to be slim

He’s an unbelievable long distance runner – one of the best in the world

But if he turned around tomorrow, retired from running and decided to become a sumo wrestler. How well do you reckon he’d do?

Even if he ate his body weight in sushi every day, he’d never have the frame to be any good. He’d be thrown around like a Beanie baby

It’s likely that people who are super lean all year around are ectomorphs – they’re naturally built to be this way

So if you’re not an ectomorph, and you’re comparing your weight or your waistline to some that is .. Stop!

They might just be designed to look like that

2. Some People Just Don’t Stop Moving


I have a friend who is a gardener, he’s not an Ectomorph but he’s lean all year round

An average day for him will be between 15-20k steps! That’s crazy!

Plus he’ll be hauling bags of soil and pushing wheelbarrows around as he goes

You’ll find that tree surgeons, swimming coaches, P.E teachers and tradesman will be the same. They’re fat burning machines!

Do you have a step counter? It would be interesting to know how many steps and calories you burn a day

If you’re an office jockey this is bad news

I read a LinkedIn post today that revealed that the average office worker only takes around 3 thousand steps a day!

Is this you? Are you constantly concerned about your weight but perhaps not moving as much as you could be?

It’s simple. Try and walk more. Get up out of your chair and walk every 30 minutes or so

Walk the dog further. Take the bloody stairs. Clean more aggressively. Hopscotch on your lunch break

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Just move more.


3. Even Though They Eat Junk Food – They’re Still in a Calorie Deficit


Remember my post from last week? – The Best Diet Plan In The World

I talked extensively about a calorie deficit

A term used to describe the body when it is burning more calories than it is consuming

We can all name at least one person we know who eats nothing but crap food

I used to have a client who used to eat take-outs every single day and he was super skinny

But why? Why if he ate nothing but junk food every day was he still slim?

Because he was still in a calorie deficit

I asked him once what he ate on a daily basis to which he replied ” I always skip breakfast because I’m never hungry. Lunch I’ll have a packet of crisps and a coke and for dinner, I’ll pick a take out”

I worked out how many calories he needed to maintain his weight and it was around 1,800 calories

Now a packet of crisps and a coke is around 380 calories, which leaves him 1,420 calories for dinner. Which some days he would do, others he wouldn’t

Obviously, this is no way to live, but we can learn from his diet

People that are lean all year round don’t consume more calories than their baseline (they still eat fewer calories than they are burning)


What Can You Take-Away From This?


  1. That some people are designed to be slim. And if you’re not it can be a bitter pill to swallow, but this isn’t an excuse to not try. And whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to them and call yourself “fat”
  2. That you may just need to move more. Gyms aren’t necessary but moving is. Find something you love and do lots of it
  3. That junk food doesn’t make you fat. Eating too many calories does. Junk food is just higher in calories which increases your chances of going over your calorie baseline

Thanks for taking the time to read this short post. I hope it helps answer why your “skinny” friend is always so lean and hopefully you can use some of these tips in your own life to keep you nice and trimmed!

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The Best Diet Plan In The World



Bold statement huh?

In this short post, I’m going to help you find the perfect diet plan for you

But first, let me quickly explain how to lose weight.. because that’s why you’re here right?

To lose weight you need to use stored fat as energy. To do this you need to burn more calories a day than you consume

(This is referred to as a calorie deficit)

So you need to move more or consume fewer calories

That’s it. That’s all you need to do. That one statement sums up fat loss entirely. 

Notice how I didn’t mention fruit and veg? fibre intake? junk food or supplements? I didn’t mention carbs or juicing either

It’s really important that you understand that every single diet on the planet works if you are in a calorie deficit. Nothing. Else. Matters. 

Let me give you an example;

I have three clients; Mary, Julie & Wendy and they’re identical in every single way, from height to activity level

They all weigh 70kg and wish to lose 5kg

I tell them that they need to consume 1,600 calories a day to lose on average 1 kilo a fortnight. They nod at me and head out the door

We agree to meet in a month to update their body measurements

A month passes and my fictional clients wander up to me and I hop them on the scales. They’ve all lost 2 kilos. Amazing!

I ask them what they’ve eaten over the last month

Mary tells me she’s been on the keto diet and cut out all carbs. She said she’s, therefore, banished bread, pasta and cereals. She’s chuffed to pieces that she’s lost 2kg but misses toast in the mornings.

Julie tells me she’s gone vegetarian, she’s cut out all meat and naturally eaten more vegetables. She’s so happy to have lost 2kg but misses steak night with her husband on a Friday night.

Wendy tells me she’s been using a calorie counting app and has been eating roughly the same foods but has always ensured she hits her daily target of 1,600 calories. She said that she’s enjoyed a few nights out with her friends and even stayed on track at her birthday party.

You see, Mary and Julie didn’t lose weight because carbs and meat cause weight gain. They lost weight because they completely cut out a whole food group

Imagine you had a plate of food with three equals shares of protein, carbs and fats and I come along and take away one of those food groups. Now your plate has reduced by 33%

That’s 1/3 fewer calories you’re consuming. And that’s where the weight loss comes from

Wendy lost weight because she reduced a tiny bit of everything in her diet and tracked her intake!

She had cake on her birthday and wine on her nights out. Wendy lost weight because she calculated the calories and factored them into her diet

This is called flexible dieting

Why I love Flexible Dieting

A couple of months ago I signed up a new 1:1 client who was looking to lose a few pounds.

One early Saturday morning she asked me if she should go on the Keto diet because everyone at work was

I can’t remember how exactly but I deliberately bypassed the question. 10 minutes later when we were doing cable press-downs I asked her what she had planned for Breakfast

She said “oh I’m going for pancakes with my mum”

I asked if she liked pancakes and she said “They’re my favourite”

For those who don’t know. The Keto diet is a zero carb diet

Pancakes are like 80% carbohydrates..!

What people need to understand is to lose weight you don’t need a quick-fix diet. You need to alter your lifestyle

It’s not a 6-week fix and then you can go back to eating what you want. This is the perfect example of a yo-yo diet. You know a diet that gets you NOWHERE!

So you have to enjoy it! I want a diet that allows me to be flexible

This means that Mary can have toast for breakfast and still lose weight

It means that Julie can have steak night with her husband and still lose weight

And it means YOU can eat the foods you love. Create a healthier lifestyle and stay lean all year round

That’s why I love Flexible dieting.. And that’s why I get all of my clients to eat this way!


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I really, really hope it helps iron out any confusion. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

And make sure you drop your email into the box below. I’ll be writing much more the next coming weeks and won’t always post my blogs onto Facebook. I can send the new posts directly to your inbox (:


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