The Best Diet Plan In The World



Bold statement huh?

In this short post, I’m going to help you find the perfect diet plan for you

But first, let me quickly explain how to lose weight.. because that’s why you’re here right?

To lose weight you need to use stored fat as energy. To do this you need to burn more calories a day than you consume

(This is referred to as a calorie deficit)

So you need to move more or consume fewer calories

That’s it. That’s all you need to do. That one statement sums up fat loss entirely. 

Notice how I didn’t mention fruit and veg? fibre intake? junk food or supplements? I didn’t mention carbs or juicing either

It’s really important that you understand that every single diet on the planet works if you are in a calorie deficit. Nothing. Else. Matters. 

Let me give you an example;

I have three clients; Mary, Julie & Wendy and they’re identical in every single way, from height to activity level

They all weigh 70kg and wish to lose 5kg

I tell them that they need to consume 1,600 calories a day to lose on average 1 kilo a fortnight. They nod at me and head out the door

We agree to meet in a month to update their body measurements

A month passes and my fictional clients wander up to me and I hop them on the scales. They’ve all lost 2 kilos. Amazing!

I ask them what they’ve eaten over the last month

Mary tells me she’s been on the keto diet and cut out all carbs. She said she’s, therefore, banished bread, pasta and cereals. She’s chuffed to pieces that she’s lost 2kg but misses toast in the mornings.

Julie tells me she’s gone vegetarian, she’s cut out all meat and naturally eaten more vegetables. She’s so happy to have lost 2kg but misses steak night with her husband on a Friday night.

Wendy tells me she’s been using a calorie counting app and has been eating roughly the same foods but has always ensured she hits her daily target of 1,600 calories. She said that she’s enjoyed a few nights out with her friends and even stayed on track at her birthday party.

You see, Mary and Julie didn’t lose weight because carbs and meat cause weight gain. They lost weight because they completely cut out a whole food group

Imagine you had a plate of food with three equals shares of protein, carbs and fats and I come along and take away one of those food groups. Now your plate has reduced by 33%

That’s 1/3 fewer calories you’re consuming. And that’s where the weight loss comes from

Wendy lost weight because she reduced a tiny bit of everything in her diet and tracked her intake!

She had cake on her birthday and wine on her nights out. Wendy lost weight because she calculated the calories and factored them into her diet

This is called flexible dieting

Why I love Flexible Dieting

A couple of months ago I signed up a new 1:1 client who was looking to lose a few pounds.

One early Saturday morning she asked me if she should go on the Keto diet because everyone at work was

I can’t remember how exactly but I deliberately bypassed the question. 10 minutes later when we were doing cable press-downs I asked her what she had planned for Breakfast

She said “oh I’m going for pancakes with my mum”

I asked if she liked pancakes and she said “They’re my favourite”

For those who don’t know. The Keto diet is a zero carb diet

Pancakes are like 80% carbohydrates..!

What people need to understand is to lose weight you don’t need a quick-fix diet. You need to alter your lifestyle

It’s not a 6-week fix and then you can go back to eating what you want. This is the perfect example of a yo-yo diet. You know a diet that gets you NOWHERE!

So you have to enjoy it! I want a diet that allows me to be flexible

This means that Mary can have toast for breakfast and still lose weight

It means that Julie can have steak night with her husband and still lose weight

And it means YOU can eat the foods you love. Create a healthier lifestyle and stay lean all year round

That’s why I love Flexible dieting.. And that’s why I get all of my clients to eat this way!


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I really, really hope it helps iron out any confusion. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

And make sure you drop your email into the box below. I’ll be writing much more the next coming weeks and won’t always post my blogs onto Facebook. I can send the new posts directly to your inbox (:


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What’s the Big Deal with Protein?

Why are the big buff guys and the fitness gurus always rambling on about protein? I’ll answer why we need it to get leaner and stronger, and how much you’ll need to get optimal results!

First, What is Protein? Protein is a Macronutrient found mostly in meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, and dairy. It’s role in the body is to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. That statement might make the video above a bit clearer? Protein is essiential for muscle toning, strengthening and building.

Why is Protein so Important?

Protein is broken down by the body, and delivered to the muscle cells, which in turn speeds up metabolism. A stronger muscle burns more calories. So by actively weight training on a regular basis and eating a high protein diet you can eat more calories and get super lean!

For someone who’s trying to lose weight, protein is also incredibly important as it keeps you filled up for a long time. A 2014 study compared high-protein yogurt, high-fat crackers and chocolate as midday snacks. The study proved that the women who ate the high-protein snack were far less hungry come afternoon and also ate less at dinner compared to the women who snacked on crackers or chocolate! Cool huh! So if you feel you get “snacky”, maybe you need to up your protein? (Don’t worry I’ll tell you how much protein you need daily later)

Protein and Lifting Weights

One of my main goals as a coach is to teach women how unbelievably important weight training is to get toned and lean. This is something I will definitely be writing about in the future more thoroughly.

After a session in the gym, hopefully you’ve almost completely exhausted your muscles. As we now know, protein is essential to repair and rebuild. So after a session aim to get a quick protein hit in! I always advise my clients to grab a protein shake or a pot of high-protein yogurt post-workout. The protein gets delivered directly to the muscle cell and the magical healing process begins. Yay.

As long as you are increasing the intensity of your workouts and eating a high-protein diet your body and muscles will adapt. You’ll become leaner, stronger and more shapely.

On the other hand, if you’re heading to the gym but not eating enough protein, results will be a bit “wishy-washy”. The body can’t store protein, but it can store muscle. Without adequate protein levels your body will break down muscle to create protein, which it will then distribute to wherever it’s needed. SERIOUSLY CLEVER, but.. a bit annoying for our goals. This is why it’s also equally important to get protein in with every meal.

The Big Question; How Much Protein do you Need?

There are multiple nutrition articles on the internet, which will have slightly different answers to that question, but I recommend 2G of protein per kilogram of body-weight a day. That might seem high for some, especially if you haven’t been monitoring protein intake, but you can always work up to this figure.

Once you’re eating my recommended intake of protein, expect to be less “snacky”, more full-up and stronger!

One Quick Note on Calorie Intake

If you aren’t currently eating enough protein and you decide to increase your daily dosage, you will need to adjust your carb / fat intake accordingly. Otherwise, you’re simply increasing your calorie intake even more! This is pretty easy if you’re tracking your calories on MyFitnessPal I’ll link at bottom)

In other words, lift weights, increase your protein, track your calories and you’ll be well on your way to your leanest, strongest body (:

If you have any questions after reading, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

Ben Banbury

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How to Get Fat (And How Not to!)

Gaining weight’s easy right, but why? Why do so many people find it hard to keep their waist lines trimmed? I’ve got 3 theories as to why!

Lets Quickly Talk About Calories:

So let’s break it down. A calorie is a unit of energy, just like wood in a fireplace we require it to function. I’m sitting here perfectly stationary writing this blog burning calories. My hearts beating, my lungs are inflating and the rest of the organs in my body are doing their thang. For my body to do this I require calories.

For me to function I need approximately 2,500 calories a day, this is referred to as BMR (You can figure out yours with this link:

Now it gets even easier. For me to gain weight if I eat anything above 2,500 calories in a day I will gain weight, for me to lose weight I simply eat under 2,500. Super simple maths.

So if your goal is to lose weight, all you need to do is figure out your BMR and subtract calories! I’d aim for roughly 500 a day, that would equate to about a pound a week.

People get fat because they consume too many calories.

There are no two ways about it, if you are overweight and wondering why. There’s your answer: You are eating too many calories!

How To Get Fat:

So to get fat you eat more calories than your body requires. The most common way I’ve seen through working with clients is liquid calories, sauces and no willpower.

If I had to create a plan to get someone fat, booze and sauces would be heavily included. Liquid calories are the enemy. Think about it, a 250ml glass of red wine contains 214 empty calories (Empty meaning it has no nutrient value).

A glass a night? 7 nights x 214 calories = 1498 calories

That’s almost the equivalent to a Big mac a night! (That even made my jaw drop)

Sauces are the other demon. Mayo’s amazing right? But just a tablespoon is around 100 calories! And will that fill you up? NOPE!

Lets put that into an everyday situation. You make a beautiful tuna salad. Tonnes of leafy greens, a variety of colourful veg and a drizzle of high quality olive oil. Now you grab your tin of tuna and add 2 heaped tablespoons of mayo.

You’ve most likely multiplied the meals total calories by around 30%!!The bottom line: If you want to easily up your calories drink booze and consume lots of sauces… But you don’t want that right?

A Quick Note on Willpower

I’ve been a personal trainer for 3 years now and trained a good few hundred people through 1-2-1 training, boot-camps and online support. I reckon if I had long enough, I could write down around 100 excuses that I’ve heard over the years from clients.

The one that really causes the vein on my forehead to double in size is; “I’ll start Monday” ARGH!

Quit procrastinating and go get it. There will always be excuses and easy way out. You do have time and it’s not as expensive as you think. Your health is invaluable.

Start today, reduce your alcohol consumption over the week, pack in those high calorie sauces and maybe man up a bit?


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