Frequently Asked Questions


How is each plan personalised to each person?

I will send you a consultaion form to fill out. Here you will enter your goals, existing injuries and if you’d prefer to train at home or in the gym. The more specifc you are, the more I can help. I will then build you a plan taking all of your details into account.

How does the programme change every month?

The programme will progressively get harder as you develop. Every month you will get a new programme that I will send to you via the Primal app.

What is Primal coaching and is it for me?

Primal coaching is personal training via an app. You will recieve a personalised programme and a calorie counter all built into the Primal app. Here you will be able to log your workouts, watch demonstration videos and contact me if you’re ever in need. Primal coaching is a flexible service that can be adapted to most individuals. All you need is a mobile and a very small amount of tech understanding.

Important before you start

Before you start you must be prepared to work relatively hard for the next 3 months minimum. For you to get results I need you to dedicate yourself to the Primal Plan and your fitness goals. If you haven’t exercised in a very long time or you have any existing health issues you will need to speak to your GP before starting.

I’m about to go on holiday, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Simply explain in the consultation form that you will be away and I will factor in some hotel room workouts! This also applies to people who travel a lot with work.

When can I start?

Whenever you like! After signing up It will take me a max of two working days to have your plan built and ready-to-go!

I’ve paid, now what?

As soon as I’ve seen your completed consultation form and recived payment, I will begin to build your plan. This will take two working days for me to complete. I will then send you a link to the Primal app and have your personalised plan sent over. Next you will recieve the recipe and Primal eBook directly to your email.

Payment Options

You have two options, to pay all in one go for a reduced rate or set up a standing order for every month at a slightly higher rate. My payment plans are meant to make life easier for you.

Will I keep being charged, month to month?

No. You will pay for 3 months at a time. Towards the end of the 3 months I’ll show you options for signing up to a more advanced plan. If you wish to continue I will simply charge you for another 3 months.

Refund policies

Can’t believe i’m reading this! Aha! If for some reason you wish to cancel your online coaching you will need to give me atleast 2 weeks notice before the next payment is due.

What equipment will I need?

That depends on which plan you pick. I can build you either a bodyweight only plan, a home workout with dumbells and kettlebells or a gym based plan. I will provide alternatives to  gym exercises incase your gym doesn’t have a certain piece of equipment. If you go for a home workout, an exercise mat is highly recommended.

Vegetarian/Vegan options

I don’t create nutrition plans. I like to keep my clients diets as flexible as possible and not restrict any foods or food groups. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will eat a diet very simular to you are now. I will monitor your food intake through the app and make any alterations necessary. I also have a few vegetarian/vegan recipes included in the Primal Plan for you to use.


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