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“I lost 5 stone”

“I hired Ben as a coach because I’d fallen into bad eating habits and the weight gain was really beginning to show. I was stuck and not really sure what to do. Ben built me a training plan, showed me how to track my food intake and taught me a few tricks to keep my calorie consumption down. In 11 months I’ve lost 5 stone! I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I’m confident that I’ll never fall back into bad habits.” – Sophie. M Age 21

“Fun to follow”

“The plans were fun to follow, they changed every month which kept me interested and keen to progress to the next month. The workouts never really felt like a chore, for the first time in my life I was genuinely looking forward to training!” – Jo. W Age 47

“Better posture”

“I work in an office environment, so I can sit up to 8 hours a day. I wanted a plan that not only helped me drop a few pounds but to also help me stop slouching and stand taller. Ben showed me what muscles I needed to stretch and which muscles I needed to strengthen to fix my slouched posture. 3 months later I’m less rounded in my shoulders and I get zero tension headaches! Thank you Ben” – Lucy. B Age 23

“Improved confidence”

“I was always the person who kept my t-shirt on while sitting on a beautiful beach on holiday. I hated the way I looked, so I got in contact with Ben. He tweaked my diet and built me a training plan. 4 months later and I’ve never felt so confident! I can’t wait until my next holiday where I can confidently take my shirt off!”  – Craig. B Age 39

“The strongest I’ve ever been”

“I’ve been a regular gym goer for about 6 years now. I have always trained but not necessarily pushed myself to progress, I definitely became comfortable. After speaking to Ben I decided to try his three-month package. Ben created a plan that got progressively harder with every month to keep me constantly moving forward. Now, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been! Pressups were something I always struggled with but I can now do 10 with ease. My body and strength have changed more in the last three months than in the last three years!” – Sean. D Age 41

“Doesn’t take forever”

“Being a working mum with three kids, I don’t have time to travel to a gym 3-4 times a week (I’m too busy being a taxi!). So I needed a plan that I could stick to at home, that wouldn’t take too long. I gave Ben my specific needs and he built a plan around me. I can easily stick to the plan and I’m seeing great results (even if I am folding washing in my rest interval!)” – Louis. M Age 37

“Easy to understand videos”

“The thing I was worried most about when I signed up to Primal coaching, was me actually doing it correctly on my own! But I found out straight away that the Primal app is not only super easy to use but the video demonstrations are clear and easy to understand”  – Sarah. S Age 31

“Great motivation emails”

“I’ve signed up for online coaching previously with other trainers. I found that after about 5-6 weeks my motivation started to fade. Ben not only sent me motivational messages to keep me on track but he also helped me stay motivated after I contacted him with my motivation slump after 5 weeks. Ben kept me going. I stuck to the plan and lost 5.5 kg!” – David. N Age 39

“Easy to follow recipes”

I struggle a lot of the time knowing what to actually eat that’s healthy and will fit my goals. I found the Primal recipes were super handy to refer to. Even if I didn’t always stick to them down to a T they were really useful for mid-week inspiration” – Alison. K Age 35

“I can now eat the foods I love with ZERO restrictions!!”

I’ve tried so many diets over the years, but I never found one that stuck. I’d usually stick to it initially, get results, but then as soon as the plan was over I went back to what I usually ate and the weight crept back on. Ben taught me how to log everything I was eating into an app linked to his. I could eat what I wanted but had to stick his guidelines and calorie target. I can now eat the foods I love with ZERO restrictions!!” – Amber. L Age 32

“Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring”

I’m a typical “new years resolutioner”. I started with Ben in January hoping to change my diet and get a bit more toned and active. I was anxious he’d tell me to eat kale and quinoa at every opportunity but I was pleasantly surprised. I tried out some of the recipes and even created my own! Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring! I’m 44 and I’ve only just learnt that. Thanks Ben” – John. S Age 44

“I realised that I could still enjoy my Sunday treat and get great results!”

“Every Sunday morning, myself and my husband walk our dog around our local park and stop off at our lovely local cafe for pancakes (or Belgian waffles) and a coffee. I was worried starting the Primal Plan that I would have to cut this out, but after reading the Primal eBook and speaking to Ben, I realised that I could still enjoy my Sunday treat and get great results! Ben’s methods mean there are no food restrictions, which I absolutely love! (Also take a look at the Primal pancake recipes, they’re incredible!) – Charlotte. R Age 28

“Anyone can do it”

“I’d hate to think about how much money I’ve wasted on diets over the years. I had started to believe that I would always be the size I am. In all honesty, I was anxious about signing up to Primal coaching, but I wasn’t going to give up on myself. I really made the most of Ben’s email support and he was so patient with my questions. I’m proud to announce that I’ve lost just shy of 3 stone while working with Ben and I’m still going! After thinking I’d never drop the weight, this means the world to me! If I can do it, anyone can! I’d highly recommend Ben as your coach and for you to try the Primal Plan. Thank you so much Ben!” – Holly. G Age 34

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